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Digital Help Desk (DHD) is obsessed with quickly and comprehensively solving all your ad-hoc eCommerce and Social Media questions

At DHD, we rush to work every day because we love solving all the weird and whacky problems that businesses throw at us. We are the nerds behind the scenes that have helped medium to large businesses become a true success story.

Click here to take on our ‘DHD Challenge’– Ask an eCommerce or Social Media question that we can’t solve and we’ll take you out for lunch at a Sydney City restaurant (lunch only people-no flights, hotels, taxis etc).

Examples of questions that we have helped businesses solve include topics on selecting the right eCommerce platform, configuring platforms like WooCommerce, WordPress and Magento, site design to maximise conversions, search engine quality, check out optimisation, SEO etc. 


Digital Help Desk (DHD) is obsessed with helping businesses maximise web traffic, leads and sales 

At DHD, we have seen so many great products flop online due to flawed website design or because nobody could find their website.  This made us so angry that we created a ‘DHD Audit’ to give businesses a basis to improve both their search engine ranking and to increase sales conversions from their visitors.

Click here to get one of our digital marketing nerds to perform a basic DHD audit for both SEO structure and customer experience.


Digital Help Desk (DHD) is obsessed with developing high-performance websites 

At DHD, we get so hyped when we come across a new web development project that we lose sleep in the first couple of nights. We are the nerds that can code to W3C Standards using the latest methods to achieve mobile friendliness, SEO optimisation, speed, security and superior loading.  In a market dominated by smartphones and search engine results, it is critical that you hire someone that’s just as obsessed about your business as you are.

Click here to get an obligation free quote on your next website development, upgrade or maintenance project.


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Our Skills

We are a team of senior eCommerce nerds specialising in Magento, PHP, WordPress, and WooCommerce. With over ten years of experience building some of the most popular eCommerce sites in Australia and NZ, you can depend on us as if we were a part of your in-house team.
As natives of the digital economy, our philosophy of continuous learning and innovation sets us apart from our competition. Whenever something new happens in our space, we get so excited that our partners have to tell us to shut up at the dinner table.

DHD can complement your in-house team with the following skills:

Website Development & Consultation

  • eCommerce audit for performance and conversion leakage
  • Magento, PHP, WordPress, and WooCommerce
  • Mobile and website Apps
  • Online Store improvement and customization
  • CMS, UI & UX design
  • Web Security and Performance
  • Email setup
  • Integration into Amazon, Google shopping, My Shopping etc

Digital Marketing

  • Website SEO audit
  • E-commerce Consultation
  • Digital Marketing Mentorship
  • Website Blog
  • Content Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Google Adwords Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Email marketing setup
  • Affiliate Marketing

Content Services

  • Website content writing
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